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Our office is open, yet operating with a limited staff. We are still performing installations and estimates (via phone, online, and at jobsite location) and are able to do so at a safe distance. All customers coming by for pick-up orders will need to call the office before arriving so we can get your material staged. For your safety, and ours, please call the office upon arrival and someone will be out to assist you.

Installers and salespersons can still complete installations and estimates at a safe distance. But if you’d rather do it yourself, we also have fencing materials by the pallet available. With our products, you can safely build the fence yourself.

Allied Fence is licensed and insured, and complying with all CDC Guidelines.
Stay healthy and stay safe!

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At Allied Fence of Tampa Bay, we are your fencing experts. We install all types of fencing including chainlink, wood, aluminum, PVC and SimTek. Our team also maintains these fences. Our goal is to bring you the perfect fence for your property, so we’ve created a blog that has articles on everything you need to know about fencing. Read it down below.

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  • 14/01/2021 0 Comments
    5 Applications for Aluminum Fencing in Your Yard

    Aluminum fencing can be a great option for your front yard, backyard, and garden, depending on what style and height of fencing you choose. Its versatility and longevity recommend it for a variety of uses in the sunny, humid Florida climate.

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  • 22/12/2020 0 Comments
    4 Aluminum Fence Misconceptions

    While you have many residential fence material options, aluminum is a great choice for many reasons. Aluminum fences require very little maintenance, and some aluminum fence types, such as those made from tubular aluminum, can last a lifetime without the need for repairs. In addition, this fence material is very lightweight, which makes installation easier.

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  • 21/10/2020 0 Comments
    5 Reasons to Choose a PVC Picket Fence Over a Wooden One

    For decades, picket fences were traditionally wooden. But nowadays, PVC or vinyl has become a popular material for picket fences. PVC has just the right attributes to fare well in Florida. And when you compare PVC picket fencing to wooden picket fencing, PVC fencing is superior in several ways.

    Discover just some of the reasons Florida homeowners often choose PVC fencing over wooden fencing.

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  • 30/09/2020 0 Comments
    Fencing Options During Hurricane Season

    With a couple of significant hurricanes already passing through 2020, you may want to consider how to protect your household from damage during torrential storms. There are certain disasters that no one can avoid, but most of the time, you can take steps to mitigate the harm a storm might do if you act with plenty of time to spare and invest in the right safety measures.

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  • 28/07/2020 0 Comments
    Why Aluminum Fencing Is Ideal in Florida

    Fencing in Florida should be robust. This is because Florida has a unique blend of sun, salt, moisture and heat — all of which can damage fencing. Aluminum fencing might not be as hard or as strong as steel fencing, but it is better suited to properties in Florida.

    Aluminum fencing can stand up to Florida's challenging environment with ease. If you are wondering if aluminum fencing is right for you, look at these interesting benefits.

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  • 20/07/2020 0 Comments
    Security Features of Different Types of Fences

    Many homeowners install fences for a variety of reasons, and installing any type of fence has its own benefits, such as defining your property. However, fences need to also be secure to keep strangers out and keep your kids and pets in.

    With so many types of fences to choose from, however, you may not know which is right for you. If you need a new fence and want good security features, check out these three common types of fences and what security features they offer.

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