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4 Aluminum Fence Misconceptions

While you have many residential fence material options, aluminum is a great choice for many reasons. Aluminum fences require very little maintenance, and some aluminum fence types, such as those made from tubular aluminum, can last a lifetime without the need for repairs. In addition, this fence material is very lightweight, which makes installation easier.

However, you may believe some common aluminum fence misconceptions that are making your final fence decision much more difficult than it has to be.

Read on to learn about four common aluminum fence misconceptions and the truth behind them.

1: Aluminum Fences Are Weak

Many homeowners think that aluminum is a weak metal and that an aluminum fence can be easily broken by intruders or damaged by extreme weather.

The truth is that most aluminum fences are very strong, although the strength of an aluminum fence can vary based on many factors. One important factor that affects the strength of an aluminum fence is the specific aluminum alloy used to create it.

Contrary to popular belief, most aluminum in use today is not pure but is instead one of many aluminum alloys. These alloys are created by mixing pure aluminum with one or more additional elements, such as copper or zinc, to enhance the metal's strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and malleability.

Some aluminum alloys are further strengthened with a process called heat treatment. This process is performed by heating up the metal and then rapidly cooling it to change the metal's molecular structure in a way that increases the metal's strength.

The strongest aluminum alloy available today is made from a combination of aluminum, zinc, and magnesium. This alloy is so strong it is used in the aircraft industry and the military.

2: All Aluminum Fences Are Silver in Color

While aluminum alloys are typically silver in color, aluminum fences are available in a wide array of colors. While aluminum can be painted, aluminum powder color coatings are preferable for several reasons.

Powder coating is performed by first spraying dry, powdered paint onto the surface of aluminum, then curing the powder at a high temperature to strengthen it and adhere it to the aluminum underneath. Powder coating provides a much more durable color finish than traditional paint that can crack, chip, or fade over time. This coating also protects the metal underneath it from damage caused by moisture, UV rays, and even exposure to some chemicals.

Aluminum fence powder coatings are available in virtually every color you can imagine, although popular options are black and brass.

3: All Aluminum Fences Look Alike

When looking into your new fence options, you likely notice that many aluminum fences are designed to mimic the appearance of traditional wrought iron fences. While this fence style is attractive, durable, and customizable, aluminum fences are also available in a wide number of additional styles.

Just a few of your additional aluminum fence style options include aluminum privacy fences, shadowbox fences, and even horizontal fences. Aluminum privacy and shadowbox fences can be 6 feet high or even taller, while aluminum horizontal fences are available in a wide array of heights and designs.

An aluminum shadowbox fence is a great option if you want to block the view into your yard to increase privacy but do not want to block the sunlight and airflow that traditional privacy fences can hinder.

4: All Metal Fences Rust

You may be overlooking the installation of a metal fence altogether due to the common misconception that all metal fences rust over time. The truth is that only iron and metals that contain iron, such as steel, can rust because rust develops as the iron content of a metal oxidizes upon exposure to both water and oxygen. Since iron is never included in aluminum alloys, you never have to worry about your aluminum fence rusting.

Aluminum fences are great options for many homeowners. Forget these four aluminum fence misconceptions when selecting your new residential fence. Contact the aluminum fence experts at Allied Fence of Tampa Bay to schedule aluminum fence installation today.


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