5 Applications for Aluminum Fencing in Your Yard

Aluminum fencing can be a great option for your front yard, backyard, and garden, depending on what style and height of fencing you choose. Its versatility and longevity recommend it for a variety of uses in the sunny, humid Florida climate.

Discover some of the fencing applications in your yard that aluminum fencing can fulfill.

1. Protect Your Home

As a security fence, aluminum can be a great option because it's strong and durable. Plus, if you want an extra-tall fence for added security, installing a higher fence is relatively easy with aluminum since it's a lightweight type of metal.

If you're focusing on security, be sure to choose a picket-style fence or some other see-through style, so would-be criminals can't use the fence to stay out of sight.

2. Wall Off Unsightly Objects

Aluminum fencing can come in solid panel styles as well as picket fence styles. If you want to screen an air conditioning unit, well head, or other unsightly object from sight, one of these solid panel fences may be ideal. If you hide an AC unit, just make sure you leave plenty of room around the unit so it doesn't experience reduced airflow.

Since this application typically only requires a small amount of fencing, it can be quite affordable. And if you have another fence or any color scheme for your yard that you'd like to match, you can paint this new aluminum fence in coordinating colors.

3. Make Good Neighbors

Good fences can, in some cases, make good neighbors, as the saying goes, and many homeowners find themselves needing a fence for just this reason. For example, you may have a neighbor who's relatively harmless, but whose garden beds encroach on your lawn just a little more each year.

Or, you may live near a duplex or apartment building and may find yourself wanting privacy from the frequent comings and goings. On the other hand, you may have kids who are well-behaved but don't have a good handle on which part of the neighborhood constitutes your yard; a fence could provide a clear boundary for them.

4. Decorate Landscaping Beds

Aluminum fencing comes in both tall, intimidating styles and shorter, more decorative styles. You can choose one of these short, decorative fences as an edge trim for a landscape bed. For instance, a mini wrought-iron-looking picket fence can provide a quaint but elegant finish to a Victorian-styled flowerbed.

Or you could use a short picket-style aluminum fence around a cottage-garden flowerbed to contain the area and separate it from more formally landscaped areas of your yard.

5. Support a Wall of Flowers

Many ornamental vines, if you provide a climbing surface, can create a nearly solid wall of flowers when they bloom. These can include perennials like passionflower or annuals like morning glories. If you'd like to provide an ideal living situation for one of these heavy bloomers, consider a picket fence, since pickets offer an easy-to-grab structure.

Unlike a wood fence, a powder-coated aluminum fence may never need refinishing, so you can leave the vines up indefinitely without worrying about fence maintenance. And because aluminum won't rot or rust, you can expect it to support just as much weight later on in its life and won't have to worry that it'll collapse under the weight of an established vining plant.

These are just some of the specific applications you can use an aluminum fence for in your yard, whether you live in a subdivision or a more rural area.

Get in touch with your local fence contractor Allied Fence of Tampa Bay today to discover our aluminum fences and fencing services. We'll be happy to discuss the best styles and finishes to get a particular look in your yard, and we can offer a free estimate for your project as well.


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