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Vinyl Fencing in Largo, FL

You want to frame your property with a charming, traditional-style fence. But you also want your fence’s materials to provide superior protection against breaking, rusting, and decomposing. 

*See Gallery for available fencing styles

Why Choose PVC?

Are you still “on the fence” about whether to choose PVC? Here are a few reasons why you should:

  • Strength. PVC lasts much longer than other materials. It does not crack, chip or warp like wood and does not rust like metal.
  • Easy maintenance. Unlike a wood fence, a PVC fence does not require refinishing. Occasional cleaning should keep it in top shape. PVC fences also come with a permanent color and do not require painting.
  • Versatile. PVC fences are available in many different styles to match your Tampa home.

Finally, PVC fences are very affordable. Ask us about our fantastic price options.

How Do I Order?

At Allied Fence, we can custom build your fence for you. We also offer the unique option of installing it yourself, which can save you money. Either way, our fences come with a lifetime warranty.

With dozens of years of experience and hundreds of projects in your area, Allied Fence of Tampa Bay is the right choice for PVC fencing in Tampa.


Materials Needed:

* Water hose 

* bucket of soapy water or spray bottle of vinyl cleaning solution. 

* Soft cloth rags 

* Soft scrub brush (for tougher stains or dirt)

Level of Difficulty:

* 2 - Vinyl fence is relatively easy to clean but can require a little "elbow grease" or extra scrub for some tougher stains and dirty spots.

Recommended Time Frame for Cleaning a Vinyl Fence:

* For maximum results; you should clean your vinyl fence at least once every 3 - 6 months.


A few reasons why you would need to clean your vinyl fence would be: dirt and/or grass from the ground accumulating on the fence due to cutting the grass, leaves or other debris after a storm and rarely; you will notice a type of chalk build up develop on parts of the vinyl fence. These reasons are not major and are easily cleaned as explained below. The majority of vinyl fences can be cleaned very easily by just spraying the fence down with a water hose; however, if there are some tough stains that a water hose does not take care of, just follow the method below and your fence will look brand new every time you clean it! 

To prepare for cleaning a vinyl fence, you will want to decide if you are going to use a bucket of soapy water or a vinyl cleaning solution (can be purchased at your local hardware store) or a combination of both. If you are using a bucket of soapy water, you will want to fill the bucket with water to your desired amount and mix an environmentally safe cleaning solution in the bucket. After you have your bucket of soapy water, all you must do now is get your soft cloth rag wet via the water in the bucket and wipe down the areas of the fence that need wiped down. If you are using a spray bottle of vinyl cleaning solution, just spray the areas of the fence that need cleaned and wipe with a dry soft cloth rag. When you are finished cleaning an area of the fence, rinse it off with a water hose and allow it to air dry.